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Superheroes in Prose Volume 1--Free Download!

Imagine you have the power to fly.  
Pretty awesome, right? Imagine you have the power to levitate or crush something the size of a Winnebago. Equally awesome. Now ... here’s the catch: having the power means you are bonded irreversibly to a smartass, sociopathic alien life form.
Not so awesome.
So, what would you do with all of that power? The way I figured it, I had one of two options: Option #1) Use it to commit crime or Option #2) Use it to fight crime. My name is Gabe Garrison and I chose Option #2.  
This is my story …

Space Pulp! Vol 1--Free Download!

When you’re a rocket ship captain, you learn to expect the unexpected.  
A routine charting mission can turn into the discovery of a sentient wormhole. A Hedgmonian diplomat may possess your first officer and then try to assassinate you. The Queen of Ridgimon IX may take you as her concubine and impregnate you with her seed. 
But still … when you’re suddenly ordered to the fleet admiral’s office twenty-four hours before you’re due to punch, it’s enough to give even the most seasoned captain pause. The Federacy doesn’t make hasty decisions, but they do give orders with little to no warning. Orders that can turn your life upside down, back to front, or—literally—inside out.  
My name is Patrick Starson. I used to be a rocket ship captain. And this is my story.

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