Imagine you have the power to fly ... pretty awesome, right? Now imagine you had the power to lift something the size of a Winnebago. Equally awesome! What would you do with all that power? The way I figured it, I had two options: #1 Become a Superhero or #2 become a Supervillain. My name is Gabe Garrison and I chose option #1
And these are the first four volumes of my story ...


It snowed four inches last night. No school. No worries. No Supervillains. The city looks 
like the coolest snow globe ever. Nothing 
can ruin this day. 

Except for the smartass alien I’m bonded to.

I'm Gabe Garrison and this is the next 
part of my story ...



Another gurgled wind passes out of Rock’s mouth. 
“I’m sorry, Rock,” she says. “I—just, God, I am so sorry.” 
Pink looks at Rock a moment longer before flicking Ember’s fiery red hair my way. “Do you think he can, like, hear me?” 

My name is Gabe Garrison, and this is the next part of my story ...

SUPERHEROES IN PROSE 13: A Fabulous Anarchy

His jaw is chiseled, like the kind of Superhero chisel you only read about. Complete with a dimpled chin and perfect, Nathan Fillion-like hair, the world-famous non-Super Superhero walks up to us the only way he knows how: with a super-confident, douchey swagger. He wears his trademark weapons—the multi-gauntlets—on each forearm. They’re white metal contraptions with a wide array of mechanized devices that swivel or telescope out from above his wrist. His name is Robert Fabulous.
And this is his story ...

SUPERHEROES IN PROSE 14: The Wrath of Maul

I’ve enjoyed a pathetic amount of sleep lately.  
But I’ve earned it. 
My life, which has been one epic suck-taster after another has finally taken a turn for the better.  
So, given that I was so completely content when I fell asleep last night, I’m crazy surprised when I wake up in an absolute panic. 
My name is Gabe Garrison, and this is the next volume of my story ...


Nagon, the terrifying sentient virus is on the loose--leaving a wake of destruction and death in his vile path!  To stop the maniacal monster from destroying the city, Galaxy has to rely on the eccentric Robert Fabulous and his estranged family for help.

Space Pulp! 1: Plight of the Blood Slaves

When you’re a rocket ship captain, you learn to expect the unexpected.  
A routine charting mission can turn into the discovery of a sentient wormhole. A Hedgmonian diplomat may possess your first officer and then try to assassinate you. The Queen of Ridgimon IX may take you as her concubine and impregnate you with her seed. 
My name is Patrick Starson. I used to be a rocket ship captain. And this is my story.

Space Pulp! 2: Menace of the Space Zombies

I lost sixty-three years inside a temporal pocket … a space phenomenon where time moves at a slow crawl. What was a matter of hours to me became years to everyone outside. You can miss a lot in six decades. The rise and fall of planetary governments. The death of loved ones.  
The birth of your own daughter.  
My name is Patrick Starson, and this is the next part of my story ...


With Gabe's life on the line, Reagan McPherson has no choice but to return to the city of Prose and confront her greatest fear: the alien entity known as M!

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